Jesus’ Blood

Jesus' Blood

If you’ve been reading Anomalous Darlings for an extended amount of time, you probably know two things to be true (in addition to my love for Jesus, family and cupcakes): 1) I, too struggle with surrendering to God and 2) I enjoy mystery murder T.V. shows and books. It’s an unlikely combination, but let me connect the dots for you…

Blood, it was shed at the Cross and is often found at many crime scenes. Now, we all know that Jesus’ blood on the Cross is immortal, while mere human blood is just the opposite, mortal. However, if you look closely, you will see four things to be strikingly similar between the two seemingly unrelated blood types.

  1. Blood reveals secrets; Matthew 27:51
    1. The pouring out of Jesus’ blood tore the veil that separated us from intimate fellowship with God, allowing us from that moment forward, the opportunity to boldly and confidently enter God’s presence. Blood evidence left at a crime scene often makes a detective’s job a million times easier, as the blood can be used to unveil the perpetrator’s identity.
  2. Blood doesn’t disintegrate; Hebrews 13:8
    1. Although Jesus, died hundreds of years ago (ages before anybody that we’ve ever laid eyes on was alive), His personal blood sacrifice for us is just as overwhelming today as it was when it first spilled from His body. Likewise, many cold cases, that are decades old can be now solved thanks to improved DNA technology and blood’s strong physical persistence.
  3. Blood has power; 1 Peter 2:24-25
    1. Redeeming power. Healing power. Restoring power. Whatever you need, Jesus took care of it before you were even conceived. Even the gates of hell, had to close as Jesus’ blood burst forth from His body. Ever heard of an unsolved case, that suddenly becomes solved and then someone who got away with murder for 40 years is now in custody? That’s the power of blood, it turns tables, both literally and spiritually.
  4. Blood speaks truth; John 19:28
    1. God cannot and will not ever lie to us, and thankfully, His Son and our Savior Jesus, follows directly in that same oath of truth. When Jesus said, “It is finished.”, as it pertained to our redemption from the curse, He meant it. Just as Jesus didn’t retract His truth (that He is the way, the truth and the life), neither does DNA. Once a DNA match is confirmed, the case is closed, indefinitely.

As you can see, we can catch glimpses of Jesus everywhere, even in our T.V. shows and books. Our bibles are the best place to start and continue learning about this person named Jesus, who loved (and still loves) us more than life itself! However, we must never forget that Jesus is everywhere…even in places we least expect Him!

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  1. I loved how you correlated the traits of the blood of Jesus to mystery cases because I used to be a big fan of mysteries when I was in middle school. Very creative and good read!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I was concerned that others wouldn’t see the connection, so thanks for proving that at least one person, did. Thanks for supporting AD!

  2. This is absolutely powerful. I love it. It’s totally worth sharing.

    1. I am glad that you loved it and sharing is certainly welcomed! It is truly amazing how The Holy Spirit speaks through willing hearts, hands and ears. Thank you for supporting AD and God bless your ministry!

      1. Thank you.

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