It’s Your Choice To Stay

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Happy 8 months to Anomalous Darlings and a huge thanks for all the continued support…it means the world!

In addition to journaling, blogging and various other styles of writing I find myself doing, I also write poetry. I got the love and gift of poetry from my mother and over the years, I have adopted it as my own muse. Up until now, I haven’t felt compelled to share my poetry. But, with God as you probably know, there always seems to be a first time for everything!

It’s Your Choice To Stay is what I call the two sister poems, Your Choice To Stay & Cycles, that were written almost a year apart, but feed off of each other.



Your Choice to Stay

It’s your choice to stay
And act like everything is okay

Life can only deal the cards
But you, you
Have the final part to play
In cultivating your destiny

It’s your choice to stay
And live like you have nothing to say

Situations may leave you numb
But you, you
Are equipped to overcome
And see the beauty of the sun

It’s your choice to stay
And pretend like life has you binded in a blinded daze

Complacency and measly satisfactory can slowly creep in
But you, you
Have a Divine Power living within
That completely breaks the chain of them

It’s your choice to stay
So when the time comes
What will you say?

To stay or to leave
It’s your choice to stay





They go round and round

Round and round

Taking you high 

And then throwing you down


You get up and say, “Never again”

Only to later find out

There is no end



No end for the faint in heart

Or those who see life as quick darts


But there is a way

For those who truly want to be free

Those who realize that freedom comes day by day 

Like The Heavenly Potter who carefully and consciously crafts His clay



They go round and round

Round and round

Taking you high 

And then throwing you down

But at noon’s day

The cycle only continues

If you choose to stay…


Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, the spacing for Cycles is off, so I apologize! Hopefully, you were able to enjoy and understand the poems. And since I believe that a) God speaks to us as individuals and b) there is never a right or wrong interpretation of poetry, I am going to leave your own personal analysis!

Until Thursday,




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