I Week 1: A Forever Bloom

God placed you in an ever-changing world so that all could witness a never-changing light!

1 john 2:17 tpt

This world and its desires are in the process of passing away, but those who love to do the will of God live forever.

Welcome to the first week of AD’s INFLORESCENCE Series: Finding Your ‘Bloom’ in Christ! I figured the best way to kick off this 6 month, 26 week series would be to define inflorescence and explain how that applies to you!

Inflorescence is defined as the “flowering or blossoming” of a flower, according to Dictionary.com. Unlike the flowers of the earth (and my orchid 🙂 ), our buds within are evergreen and never dying.

Ever strolled through the landscape section of a store noticed a price difference between perennial and annual flowers? Perennials costs more because they re-bloom every spring as opposed to annuals, who bloom once and then die out completely.

Coming to earth, Jesus knew the price for your life would be high because of the continual potential within you. Every breath you take is another opportunity to blossom and touch someone’s life! You are forever in bloom…

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