Inescapable! Doesn’t that sound like a thrilling novel or blockbuster movie?

I dote on my mother often, because she is truly God’s gift to me. Over the years, she has grown to become a wonderful listener, even if she doesn’t always understand what I am going through. I admire her wisdom and figured, I should adopt some of her habits, starting with reading a Proverbs a day, if I want to be like her when I grow up.

“A reliable person will not escape blessings, but one who wants to get rich quick will not escape trouble.” -Proverbs 28:20 VOICE

“Slow and steady wins the race”, this principle is probably one of the few things that both the world and the Bible agree on! If you are a teen who works hard in school and is friendly, yet still longs for companionship, keep your head up. If you are a middle-aged adult who is trusting God for a promotion or business endeavor, stay focused. If you are a senior citizen who finds themself juggling a fixed income and health problems, don’t concede defeat. Whatever your circumstances may be, know that your continued faith in and commitment to God makes His blessings and answered prayers inescapable from your life!

Although Satan can cause momentary chaos in your mind (if you let him), he cannot cause a permanent cancellation of God’s marvelous plans for you, which include all your needs, wants and even desires that you were unknown to you!

Weekend Wellness Tip

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