Imperfection Confection

On a whim today, I decided to bake a few cupcakes from scratch! Something that I have never done as I always either a) find myself at the closet bakery or b) use store brought cake mix.

Despite saving me from the sugar attack that I was in, they weren’t perfect. The cake texture was a little off and the buttercream frosting refused to hardened! Yet, I was still proud of and impressed with my efforts!

God is perfect in all His ways and if we were perfect too, we wouldn’t need Him. It is liberating to know we are free to take risks and embrace imperfection because God within us, is what perfects us.

Enjoy your hobbies and the choices that you make in life, even if they don’t produce spotless results! God specializes in correcting our blemishes and flaws! Isn’t that sweet?

Until Thursday,

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