I’m Not Finished Yet

Goodbye January and hello to February and heart-shaped goodies that I don’t need!

Like most of humanity, I have good days and not-so good days. Sometimes I wake and feel like, “Yes, I can take the world.”, while other days I feel like, “This world is about to overtake me.” Yesterday was one of the latter days, I woke up hosting a mental wrestling match between my mishaps and goals.

God promised to continue working in and on us until Jesus’ return, Philippians 1:6, in which everyday we get a little closer to who God created us to be. Is it an overnight operation? No, it happens gradually and not without some bumps, setbacks, and mistakes along the way. But if we keep the faith and hold tightly to God, anchoring our lives on what He said, then one day His work in us will be complete.

Our natural goals in life are just like God’s supernatural goals for our lives. Neither of them comes easy, whether it be kicking a habit or becoming a custodian over one’s thoughts. As of now, you may not be able to cross off that one goal you have had for years, and gain that sense of accomplishment, but one day you will. Just like one day Jesus will return and God’s work in us will be complete.

We walk by faith and not by sight. We walk by the future and not by the past. We walk not by this world, but by God’s Word…the only thing that forever lasts.

Our lives, like the picture above have had some dark moments, but they can’t compare to the bright ones coming! I am so excited to see God’s work in all of us…I know it will be great!

Until Sunday,


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  1. “We walk by the future and not by the past.” Powerful stuff; thank you, Vivian!

    1. Heather, thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed. Have a great weekend❤

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