I Week 8: Close Friends With God

God created us for companionship, on earth with humanity and most importantly, spiritually, with Him.

proverbs 15:29 tpt

“The Lord doesn’t respond to the wicked, but he’s moved to answer the prayers of his godly lovers.”

Few things are more refreshing than having an opportunity to vent, get it all, say how you feel and not be judged for it! Between my journals and my mother, I make frequent use of verbally working through my emotions.

However, there is one person that I sometimes fail to include in my circle of confidants…God. A combination of feeling like my situation is too trivial for Him and that I am too “imperfect” to enter His presence are lies from Satan, that I battle with.

Although it is hard to fathom, God wants you to treat Him like one of your ‘boys’ or ‘besties’, who we confide in on our rough days. Close friends with Him is exactly what He wants from us, to help us through our challenges and rejoice in our victories.

Praying to God is like calling your friend, except He doesn’t have a voicemail and always has time for you.

School starts back next Tuesday and this semester (and onward), I am going to make a more conscious effort to seek God as my friend! So, if you aren’t close friends with God yet…we’re in this together!

Until Weekend Wellness,

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