I Week 21: Healed & Whole

You are a complete person, healed and whole!

1 peter 2:24-25 tpt

“He himself carried our sins in his body on the cross so that we would be dead to sin and live for righteousness. Our instant healing flowed from his wounding. You were like sheep that continually wandered away, but now you have returned to the true Shepherd of your lives—the kind Guardian who lovingly watches over your souls.”

Sometimes, I find it hard to see myself as a full person, who is not lacking anything in Jesus’ sight. And that struggle does spill over into my relationship with God, because it is hard to commune with someone when you feel you ‘unworthy’ and ‘self-conscious’ about your mistakes. Jesus must find it mind-boggling that I fret over things that he died to deliver me from… yet even still he is merciful and patient!

Unfortunately, insecurities do arise, whether they are professional, physical, spiritual etc. and we have to persevere, holding tight to what God says about us, in the face of what we/society says about us.

Even if you are battling disease in your body, receiving poor prognoses from the doctors and daily fighting to stay alive…you are still healed. Even if you are single, having a existential crisis, and working towards your dream job…you are still whole.

Satan likes to play a ‘trick game’ of misrepresenting the truth in your life. He knows that the actual manifestations of your prayers will happen and flashes images portraying the opposite, in an attempt to encourage us to forfeit confidence in God.

Knowing we are healed and whole is a declaration that Satan, himself cannot counter!

Until Weekend Wellness,

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