I Week 20: Submissive

What you want and God’s Will might not always line up. Sometimes, He has oversight into situations and things that are better than our desires!

john 6:38 voice

“And here’s the reason: I have come down from heaven not to pursue My own agenda but to do what He desires. I am here on behalf of the Father who sent Me.”

Prayers are powerful. After praying for a rain clearing on Sunday, I have been experiencing gullywashers every day this week! If God’s Love is going to be impactful in my life, I suppose it has to first clear out the biggest obstacle: my will.

Submission. That is one of those polarizing words, that most people have an opinion on, whether that is positive or negative. I am a meticulous visionary, to the point where I tend to be heavily invested in my plans. Submitting to God requires me to superimpose His Will onto my life, not the other way around. Which means that not all of my plans are going to pan out.

I am at an interesting point in my life, where I know that God has wonderful things in store for me, but I struggle to understand why those things have not manifested yet or appear to be things I did not want. Our flesh always esteems our desires and wants as the supremacy of life, enlarging them to boulder-sized pills that are hard to swallow. Yet, it is not about us and has never been.

Life: “Hey Viv, those plans that were made, have fallen apart. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Me: “Hey God, Life called and there is a situation down here. Sorry for the short notice.”

When we don’t make the plans, the pressure falls off of us to pick up the pieces. We get to submit ourselves, sit back, avoid distress and forward all of life’s madness to God.

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