I Week 17: Peace

You have the power to set the atmosphere in life, tone in situations and the presence around you.

isaiah 52:7 voice

“Ah, how beautiful the feet of those on the mountain who declare the good news of victory, of peace and liberation, The voice that calls to Zion, that chosen place for God’s promise people, announcing to them “Your God rules!”

If read the entire chapter of Isaiah 52 (and other chapters as well), you’ll see that the Israelites have been through the ringer! Dealing with oppression, corrupt elected officials and just one fire after another.

This is why the person speaking the great news of God’s Faithfulness has “beautiful feet”. In the midst of garden overtaken by weeds and plagued with drought, one flower has fought through those circumstances to bloom! It’s easier to join the crowd of “We’ll never make it” and “I’ll just die this way”, yet it takes a supernatural strength to rise above negativity and make unfavorable circumstances obedient to what we know God has promised us.

Jesus modeled this behavior in Mark 4, particularly in verse 39, when he declared, “Peace, be still.” in the middle of two storms, 1) of waves and winds and 2) of hysterics and pessimists who were sure they were going to die.

You can be peace in a backbiting work environment. You can be love in a selfish family situation. You can be forgiveness in a personal hurt that cuts deep. Just as Jesus declared “peace”, you too can proclaim whatever you need, whenever you need it!

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