I Week 16: Not Taking It Personally

Rejection is protection, it is not personal!

isaiah 53:3 tpt

“He was despised and rejected by men, a man of deep sorrows who was no stranger to suffering and grief. We hid our faces from him in disgust and considered him a nobody, not worthy of respect.”

Jesus was rejected and he took it personally, so that you didn’t have to. He took all of your shortcomings, failures and sin made them his so that you wouldn’t have live in deep sadness or be considered unworthy of love.

Rejection is something that our body partakes in on a daily basis. The sour smell of spoiled food alerts your body (and you) to not ingest it. Defective neurotransmitters in the brain are blacklisted and destroyed so signaling can remain efficient. This is a process purely based on quality and compatibility.

Our interactions as spiritual human beings with people are no different. There is a ¨Rejection System¨ that far supersedes what our natural mind can comprehend. And the system is not rejecting you, but rejecting the inharmonious situations or people that are around.

God has an oversight that we don’t. It could be as life-saving, such as protecting you from an aggressive thief to headache-avoiding, such as stirring you away from collaborating with someone who has a different vision than yours and everything else in between.

There is a reason for everything in your life and He Knows.

Look out for AD’s Weekly Newsletter tomorrow AND tune into AD on Sunday as we celebrate tres años (three years)!!!

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