I Week 15: Planted by the Waters

God has a green thumb to give you in life and a red thumb to grace you in life.

jeremiah 17:8 voice

“He is like a tree planted by water, sending out its roots beside the stream. It does not fear the heat or even drought. Its leaves stay green and its fruit is dependable, no matter what it faces.

“No matter what it faces.” I can safely say that ALL farmers would want trees/plants that bear a harvest independent of the weather and insects! A product like that would bankrupt GMO and fertilizer -producing companies!

The branches and leaves of my tree have definitively been under some storms lately! Allergies hit last week, Aunt Flow touched down this week and midterms are next week, yet through it all, I have not missed one beat. I have been challenged but not overwhelmed, irritated but not angry, tired but not hopeless and I can thank my roots in Christ for that. I am rooted in unwavering mercy, complete acceptance, empowerment to prosper and a love that never fails.

(Feel free to customize “I am rooted in […]” to fit what the enemy has been trying to shake in your life!)

So long as you are feeling the wind but not suspended in the wind, your roots are in the right place and doing their job…just hang tight and hold on. I see plump and succulent fruit on your tree!


Until Weekend Wellness,

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