I Week 13: A Intuitive Listener

We must make God a constant necessity, a daily appointment that cannot be missed!

john 10:27 tlb

“My own sheep will hear my voice and I know each one, and they will follow me.”

I go to class and listen to my instructor. I go to work and listen to the requests of others. I go to lunch and listen to the lives of others
I do homework and listen to music, the thoughts of others. Yet, where does God fit into all this listening?

I was listening to a song, En el Silencio by Alex Zurdo (my attempt to combine learning Spanish and deepening my relationship with God) and I had to ask myself, “When do I sit and listen to God? Where in my schedule is there sacred time carved out especially for Him?”

I always complete my homework, am present for class, on time for work (most days :”) and a welcoming ear for others. Yet, when my Shepherd calls for me, I am often busier than I should be. More worried than I should be and ultimately carrying the weight of things that I shouldn’t be.

If you haven’t already, I am inviting you to join me in chiseling time out, reserved for God. You know the type of appointment that you set for your favorite pastime, where nothing and no one gets in the way of you indulging…yeah that type of importance!

As always, it’s a busy weekend for me, but I am hearing God tell me to slow down and spend more time with Him…and I must listen.

Until Weekend Wellness,

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