Horrors of Me

Horrors of Me

On this Resurrection Sunday, I have a story poem for you…

Saw me nestled in a tree’s corner

And asked my name

Told You that it’s ‘Guilty’ with a last name ‘Pain’

You raised a brow, asking

“Why such a grim name?”

Sir, I said, “You don’t know me and I don’t know you. So, I’ll be on my way.”

Touching my shoulder

As I turned to leave

You uttered, “I know more than you think you I do.”

To which I responded with


You don’t know all the wrongs I’ve done

Seventy times seven times

My bank of grace is overdrawn

My repository of love is overrun

Though I am speaking these words to you

Your brain couldn’t even comprehend

Nor ever believe

The horrors of me


Before You could counter

We heard a voice holler saying, “Guilty Pain” is due in court

“Hate to cut this conversation short, but sin’s sting is true and my debt, tonight is due.” I said scurrying off

Following the messenger to the Garden of Gethsemane,

I entered, ready to pay for my crimes.

“Guilty Pain, you will return with us to the King’s Court and hear your judgement, death is a possibility.” The scribe read

“Take me instead.” The inquiring stranger from the earlier conversation said, before continuing with, “and they will no longer be called ‘Guilty Pain’ but ‘Innocent Ease’.”

The inquiring stranger’s name is Jesus.

The above vision came to me this morning. I often find that my ability to grasp the bible and it’s miraculousness increases, when the Holy Spirit inserts me into the story and makes the pages come alive. No longer are those stories just ink on a paper and thousands of years old, but something that is personal and applicable to my life!

I pray that you will rise just as our Savior did, thousands of years ago. Jesus is our role model, big brother and trailblazer, if He could do it, so can we! Never forget that the blood of Jesus runs through your spiritual veins and that His unfailing love pumps constantly to and from your heart!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!


Until Thursday,


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  1. Very powerful! Continue to let God use you 🙂

    1. Thanks and same to you…your posts are always wonderful reads!

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