October has been a month of close deadlines, big celebrations and ginger ale drinks. After almost completely eliminating dairy from diet, those pesky little seasonal allergies came knocking at my door forcing their way in. But no worries, I’ve already written up their eviction notice!

“If we don’t have hope or expectations for good things then what are we living for?” I asked some of my classmates this question, in which I got two responses. Blank stares  and then the infamous…“you’re crazy”!

Is it not human nature to deflect from questions that truly makes us think? We have a hard time being honest with ourselves as it forces us to change.

When we begin to evaluate our true motivations in life, we will also see that our motivations and stressors go hand in hand, directly proportional to each other.

As October ends and November rolls in, I pray that with the ushering in of a new month, new refreshment from Jesus will follow close by.

In Jesus, we have living waters to revive us in life and anchor for our souls to ground us in the storms of life…

Until Thursday,


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