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Back in January, AD talked about being an ally and not an enemy of others. Choosing to give the advantage to others and not hoard it for ourselves!

Growing up in a home with parents who live a lifestyle of giving, has quite naturally rubbed off on me! The thing I love about helping others is that it gets “me, mine & I” off the brain and replaces it with, “us, ours and we”. How much more powerful and peaceful would the world be, if we all did that?

Hands and Feet Ministry contacted me on Instagram about working together. Now there are a lot of things that bloggers can promote on their websites (which I am not condemning) but personally, I’ve always been more of quality over quantity type of person. If I can’t support something and stand behind it, then you won’t hear me writing their praises.

This Christmas, I am going to donate to Hands and Feet Ministry along with another personal endeavor. I’m doing this not because I have everything I want or because I need to “buy grace” from God. But because my heart breaks to see less fortunate and education-deprived people. I look at them and then I look at myself. I try with all my might, to search for a difference to explain the disparities of our circumstances, but try as I might…I can never find one. Cut them, they’ll bleed red. Cut me, and I’ll bleed red. We are the same, both inside and out…

Hands and Feet is a small, nonprofit ministry focused on helping people in need through a school in a high poverty community located in Mexico. We spread the Gospel message to the community through the kids at the school, and their parents. We help these kids by giving them more opportunities that are not available to them. Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between those who can help and those in need. For more information about our ministry and how you can help, visit www.handsandfeet.com.

I stand behind Hands and Feet because their focus is on bridging the gap, a gap that should not even be in existence, as kids in America are no more superior than kids from other countries, and thus all people deserve equal opportunities. However, the biggest reason I support Hands and Feet is due to the center of their cause: God. When God is in the middle, great things are destined to happen.

None of what I have written in this post is meant to coerce or guilt shame anyone into doing anything. The choice is completely yours. Anomalous Darlings is not receiving any donations that go to Hands and Feet. This is what God has told me to do, in my life and I am just sharing it with you all! I pray that God will heal our land through the avenues of our hand’s willing prayers and feet’s willing service.

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