Growing Through the Bricks

Anomalous Darlings is one week old, today! Wow, how time flies. Thanks for your continued support and interest in the chronicles of Anomalous Darlings.

While walking to class Monday, I noticed two little shrubs growing through the bricks. I found it miraculous that life was able to cut through all the cement and other binding agents used when laying those bricks as a pathway.

Life often tries to “brick” us down, and stop us from dreaming and thriving. Instead of casting our cares on God, we start carrying the burdens of stress and past (or perceived future) failures. Heavy-laden people subconsciously close the door to the life God designed for them, by doubting His promises. Satan is depending on us to become dormant and be so weighted down by the bricks of life, that we are unable to see our calling or walk by faith.

Earlier this week, I was heavily burdened as I saw all the assignments, quizzes, and things I had to do, and the little time to do it in. Failing to consider God, and His continued faithfulness in my life, lead to a few moments of rapid panic, as I tried to reason everything out in my mind. However, by yesterday God had once again proven that He is much better at managing my life then I am. Although, I was relatively stress free when I began to write this post, it took me forever to gather my thoughts. Stress from earlier in the week had short-circuited my mind’s thoughts and almost “bricked” me down from contributing to content Anomalous Darlings.

You may be thinking, “Well I am facing big bricks!”, and my response to that is, “Well, we serve a big brick breaking God!”.

Have a relaxing weekend, and always remember that no situation, or tribulation can block God’s plans of prosperity for your life.


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