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This semester has been challenging for me, hence why posts on AD have been a bit sporadic. Oddly enough, it isn’t the workload but the people, that have made things more difficult. Plus, there is a pandemic and a host of other social issues still ongoing. Knowing what I needed and how I had been going through, last week, God gave me a simple statement to speak over myself when I am feeling overwhelmed.

“I am not what I experience or how people treat me.”

As I was mulling over that statement, I thought about Joseph and decided to read his story from beginning to end. Joseph going from the pit to the palace is the hallmark of his story. However, there is more. Joseph took care of the very brothers that sold him into slavery, not just two times, but for the duration of famine. He also relocated his father, Jacob and all of his brothers to Egypt. Pharaoh even told Joseph to move his family onto Goshen, the choicest and most fertile land in Egypt.

Pharaoh (to Joseph): Your father and brothers have come to you for help. You have the entire land of Egypt at your disposal. Settle your family in the best areas of the land. Let them live in Goshen, and if you know of any who are particularly good at what they do, then put them in charge of my livestock.


What Joseph went through not only elevated him but his entire family. Joseph got the high status job and left prime land for his posterity.

Knowing that there is a great end doesn’t take the pain away but it does give us hope to keep going! God’s Love for us and the plans that He has for our lives are not negated by how people feel about or treat us. What God sets in motion, no man can stop!

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