In six seconds of unintentional absentmindedness, I lost six years of my life and no amount of tears would bring it back.

My flash drive holds just about everything, from my freshmen year in high school to now, academically, personally and spiritually. An inch and a half of aluminum steel has my essays for college applications, journal entries from past trials, poems of victory and most importantly the inception and progression of Anomalous Darlings…it’s a pretty big deal!

After I cried a river and checked my bags for the umpteenth time, I felt a peace come over me. Although the thought of involuntarily parting with some of my most precious writings was something I didn’t want to do, I understood three things about life.

  1. Things happen, sometimes good and bad
    1. Ecclesiastes 3
  2. God is never in the bad, but He can make something beautiful out of it
    1. Romans 8:28
  3. Life goes on, always
    1. Philippians 3:13-14

Thankfully, 24 hours later, my flash drive and I were reunited, at the eatery where I had suspected I lost it. I can attribute this miracle to none other than God and the way He touches the hearts of others. Yet, misplacing it was a blessing in disguise! For once in my life, the situation was completely out of my control and I had to trust God to meet me in my disheveled distress.

You may have some “gones” in your life, relationships, career, money, health etc., that are currently misplaced by no fault of your own, other than being human! However, it isn’t what we’ve lost but what we know we will gain that we hinge our faith on. It’s a broken Babylonian world that we live in and Satan is going to “gone” some of your stuff! However, he can never take more than God is willing is double, triple or quadruple!

With love,

My flash drive and I <3

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