God. My Lighthouse

Welcome back to AD! As October closes, and a new month of unknown begins it is important to remember who guides our steps.

Praising God without influence from current circumstances is tough. But trusting God’s plans when you can’t see the outcome is the true challenge.

Lighthouses serve to provide light and direction to incoming boats and their captains. Life can often be like sailing on a sea. The waters get rough and storms arise. It can be hard to weather the storm and press on. The clouds grow dark and the skies look gloomy. It is never easy to have joyous thoughts in joyless situations. During these times it is nearly impossible to find our way out of the situation we are in. However, we are never lost because through God we are always found.

If you like things to be a particular way like I do, then you can relate to wanting to know the ins and outs of everything. It is frustrating to not know how God is going to turn ashes into beauty. But in those moments I am learning to open my bible and wait for God’s light, Psalm 119:105.

Jesus died for us to live life in the light, leaning on God for direction…not living life in the dark, relying on our limited powers.

I am trusting that you will have an awesome week! Greater things are in store…I promise.


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