Giving Our Attitudes a Facelift

News Flash….it’s almost Friday & AD celebrates 3 months tomorrow (more on that at the end of post). Blessed, not cursed things happen on Friday the 13th, you and Anomalous Darlings are proof of that!

Yesterday was my first day back to the hustle and bustle of life. Although, it has been over a month since classes, nothing has really changed. Same people. Same atmosphere. Same challenges. And if getting reaccustomed to my routine again wasn’t hard enough, my outlook surely didn’t help my case.

Life can become redundant as it seems we hardly move forward, break that habit, pay that debt off or lose the weight. But in actuality, what does become redundant is our attitude towards the situation. We can’t see that God is working behind the scenes and sending His angels out to fulfill His promises in our lives. We can’t see the everyday blessing of waking up and breathing. And because we can’t see Him moving, we allow our perspectives to be shaped by what we do see, which is quite contrary to what God promised us.

Faith is speaking life and positivity even when the circumstances look dead and deserving of negativity. Faith is believing that God is turning things around in our lives, even when we do not physically see a breakthrough…yet.

Facelifts are not the result of the body naturally repairing sagging skin, but of a deliberate cosmetic operation. Our attitudes concerning our lives are just like that. If we don’t intentionally lift them out of the dumps, nobody else will.

Hurray for all the enjoyment and satisfaction that will come in our lives when we get our attitudes in line with what God said and not what we see!

P.S. Tomorrow morning in honor of AD’s 3 month anniversary, I will be sharing a special, but personal post…stay tuned!

Until Friday,


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