Give it Time

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Fun fact, yesterday was AD’s 1 year and 8-month anniversary and I just want to say thank you for embarking on this journey with me! Oh, how time flies…

Give it Time


It’s the one thing we all are blessed with

Irregardless of our race or birth year

Or the space between our teeth

Disregarding our bank accounts

Along with the name brands and facades we wear



24 hours ticks down

Each and everyday

No quicker or slower

For you nor me

7 days a week

Come and go

Faster than you & I liked to know

Yet even at this very moment

The seconds, minutes and hours are still rolling

And this precious gift of time shows no signs of stopping



A manmade phenomenon that God doesn’t regard

Notwithstanding of our bustling schedules (ignoring Him)

Or our countless demands (summoning Him)

He carries on perfecting His goodness

While we are privy to our wants, He is conscious to our needs

For there’s a reason why of you, there should always be less

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 is an explicit and exhaustive list about the aspects of life that require time. There isn’t one milestone or heartbreak in life that doesn’t demand time to process, mercy to forgive and grace to move on.

Whatever it is you are going through and praying for has already been settled by Jesus in your favor and though it doesn’t look or feel like it, just give it time

Until Sunday,


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