From One Dreamer to Another

Happy Sunday! 1 week until Christmas and 13 days until 2017!

Something interesting about me, is that I can actually remember my dreams and decode them for meaning. Most of the time the messages in my dreams are things that I need in reality. When I am stressed or exhausted, my head hits the pillow and I don’t remember anything else. However, when I rest peacefully, I often dream dreams that are better than anything Hollywood could ever produce.

Dreams are a beautiful thing…especially when they come true and are better than anything you could have ever imagined. We will never be able to fulfill our dreams, but with God we can exceed our dreams. Ephesians 4:20 talks about how God has the power to do things greater than anything we could think or imagine. God is in the business of doing extraordinary works for His people.

Dreams are dreams. Whether they come subconsciously while we are sleeping or consciously throughout the day. God is constantly talking to us and revealing His prosperous plans to us through various ways. But, we must be in the right mindset to receive from Him. If the challenges or trials in your life are overcrowding your mind, then God cannot tell you the amazing dreams he thinks towards you.

What dreams are God trying to show you, that are bouncing off of instead of bouncing into your spirit because your mind is busy?

From one dreamer to another…I hope you have the sweetest of dreams…day and night!

Until Thursday,



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