On a serene beach blanketed with the purest and softest sand
One set of footprints start a journey of life
Footprints that are perfect in form, firmness and pattern.
Charting The Way.

The next day rolls in, with a new set of footprints appearing
Footprints falling shy of the perfectly formed ones that preceded them.
Following in The Way.

Days morph into weeks, and yet another set of footprints appear
Footprints who begin to lose not only the initial form but also their firmness.
Attempting to follow in The Way.

Months turns to years, and more sets of footprints make themselves
Footprints completely lacking in form, firmness
Strewn about in a fashion far from their predecessors.
No longer able to follow The Way.

The once clear Way is now in complete disarray.

And as years go by
The footprints continue to multiply
It is hard to see where the true path lies
Where things begin and end


The Path Straightener came upon this chaotic beach
Knowing that He was in the right place
He begun the process of The Way restoration.

Starting with the most deformed, shallow and scattered footprints
Then moving to the less shallow and more evenly distributed footprints
He’s taken aback by the two sets of footprints left
Both sets are strikingly similar in firmness and pattern
There’s one set that is slightly off in form
A bit smaller than the other set
Removing this last set of footprints
The Path Straightener stands back and admires His work
Clearing this beach has been grueling
The rake splintered, cutting His hand
And the sun brutally baked His body

Parched and bloody He leaves, taking one last glance of the one set of footprints that are perfect in form, firmness and pattern.
Charting The Way.


1st set of footprints

  • The perfectly formed, firm and purposely placed footprints are those of God. His steps in our lives are sure.

2nd set of footprints

  • The next set mentioned was those of you and I, although we think we know what we are doing in our lives, we are still heavily dependent on God’s guidance.

3rd set of footprints

  • People, their opinions and the pressures of lives are symbolic of the third set of footprints mentioned. Listening to the stresses of life and others can be extremely confusing!

4th set of footprints

  • And the footprints that were in complete mayhem are those of none other than Satan himself. Oh boy doesn’t he leave a wake of chaos wherever he and his puppets venture.

The Path Straightener

  • Typical Jesus, clearing our slates and purifying our hearts, gifting us a chance we truly don’t deserve. Cleaning up all our messes, no matter how at fault we may be for it.

Since, I’ve probably written way more than anyone wants to read, I’ll end it here! I hope you can see what God showed me this morning and have an amazing week!

I dedicate this post to today’s birthday girl, my mother, the one who has always modeled how to let God and only God lead one’s life…


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