In every profession and hobby, there are a) goals and b) obstacles. There can never be an achievement of one’s dreams without some nightmares along the way…

What stands between you, today and you, tomorrow? How about you, today and you, 2 minutes, ten days or twenty years from now? Time, doubt and exploitation. Although you prayed and believed for deliverance, a week has gone by with no change in your life. Time seems to be flying by, with God’s guarantee of goodness going right along with it! You begin to reflect on your life, past, present and future and wonder if God is truly for you or against you. And in the midst of this spiritual war, Satan comes striding in, prepared with plenty of tricks and tools to capitalize on your spirit’s vulnerable condition.

What stands between a competitive swimmer and a medal? Water and his/her fellow competitors. Yet, I have never seen a competitive swimmer swim looking to the left and right during a race. It is in those moments that they look within, remembering all their training and keep their eyes fixed ahead.

We can’t successfully run the race of faith, while keeping close and judgemental tabs on our neighbors. We can’t be ready to discount God’s promises, when our timing doesn’t fit into His timeline.

Hebrews 12:1-3 MSG…we will not (and cannot)  concede defeat from someone (Satan) who has already been eternally defeated…

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