Fluid Uncertainty

“While these changes are immediate, the situation is fluid.”

“Wishing you the best in this time of uncertainty.”

“Fluid” and “uncertainty” are two words that have definitely seen an exponential increase in usage over the last few days! Coronavirus has completely altered the tune of America. In just one week everything has changed…

…everything except God. Coronavirus is no different than the infectious diseases that were around during Bible times and is probably a related cousin. There truly is nothing new under the sun and just like God protected and Jesus healed back then, those same privileges are still available to us.

I will admit, coronavirus has come with some rather *interesting* developments. An important conference that I was slated present at in April is now postponed/possibly cancelled and I don’t know when (or if) in-person classes will resume this semester. And I am not the only one whose life has been inconveniently impacted and is just adjusting as circumstances arise.

However, I have a lot to be grateful for like:

  • having reliable access to a computer and internet
  • not being stranded due to a travel ban
  • not having coronavirus!
  • and the list goes on…

The Coronavirus situation may be a fluid uncertainty, changing day by day but our God is the complete opposite, a firm surety, unchanging day by day. We have no idea what the next couple of weeks will bring in terms of life as we know it (working, running errands, being out and about etc.) but we can be sure that an undisturbable peace is ours to keep!

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