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We live in a feedback society.

Unlike when we send text messages and emails, there is no “sent” or “delivered” message when we pray. There are no daily shipping notifications on our prayer requests from Heaven. We don’t get a biweekly update on the progress of our prayers.

Apart from the bible and what little archaeological information that scientists can agree on, there is not much direct evidence that deliberately says, “I am God” God didn’t forget to etch His name in a redwood tree or indelibly carve His face into a valley, He intentionally didn’t leave any remnants, as He is a nonverbal God…hear me out here!

Although the rivers don’t flow to form “The Maker”, they coo the message that there is one. Although the mountains don’t bear his face, they shout “Holy, Holy, Holy” as rocks slides fall. Although, the trees don’t bear the initials of *“F, S & HS”, they stand tall and strong as a testament that there is one.

*Father, Son & Holy Spirit

If you’re looking to see God with your eyes, you’re going to find exactly Mary saw on the third day…nothing.

Satan will work day in and day out to ensure that what we see does not align with what God promised. As soon as we say, “Amen”, angels are discharged, but so are demons. If you started your day by praying for peace, I wouldn’t be surprised if you discovered that the coffee machine didn’t come on as scheduled and last night’s dishwasher attendant abandoned their post. Definitely not a peaceful morning!

Now if you had received a “sent” confirmation message from Heaven that God heard your prayer, you would chalk it up to just…life. However, with no tangible evidence of God’s listening abilities, you are left to wonder, “God, did you hear me?”

Just like other believers, I have to trust that God is listening to me. I haven’t seen any burning bushes, as of this today, but there is one thing that I do know with complete surety and absolute surety: where eyes, logic and feet fail, faith prevails.

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