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Stoves are hot and it probably didn’t take you more than one time to figure that out! And just like we acknowledge without question, that stoves are hot, we should also acknowledge that God is faithful.

Today, it really dawned on me, that God has never left or abandoned me. There have been situations in the past, where I know God was the One turning things around in my life. Time and time again, and yet I wonder, “How many times does God have to show himself strong, before I accept the fact that He is faithful?” Really it should only be one, but thankfully God is understanding with me, you and all His children!

Remembering how faithful God has been in my life, often helps, but it doesn’t completely ease the worry. What alleviates the stress, is realizing that God is faithful…not was in the past or will be in the future. But, is as in right now, at this very moment!

Even when life begins to unravel on the outside, we can have a present peace about He who lives on the inside. He, who is greater than he who is in the world, 1 John 4:4!

I pray that we will learn to settle that God is faithful and moving in our lives. Have an amazing week!

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