Faith: Hoping & Longing Week 6- Windy Days End

Faith: Hoping & Longing

While you are waiting for God’s Promise to manifest itself, don’t forget about His Promises that are already present.

psalm 16:8 tpt

“Because you are close to me and always available, my confidence will never be shaken, for I experience your wrap-around presence every moment.”

There isn’t a bad wind that doesn’t end.”

I can remember my mom giving me lessons about the weather of life over the years (like the one above). When she would remind me that eventually things change, I would always wrestle with the thought that the promise of ‘eventually’ has no time frame or roadmap on how to navigate to it.

What makes winds fascinating is that they all have different feels and pulls. Some winds are soft and refreshing, while others are violent and thrashing. On a global scale, we are dealing with winds of COVID, racism and politics, which are winds that have undergone an increase in intensity this year. Some winds are quick and swift, while others are long and lengthy. On a personal level, we all have our own winds that we are combating, such as finances, careers, families, health etc., that have varying degrees.

My mom was right, bad winds eventually let up, loosing their strength. Challenges in our lives shift, sometimes subsiding, sometimes transforming into something “new”. What I did not realize as a child, is that good winds change too. Good times do not necessarily end, but they too undergo reshaping, hence why positive milestones in life often require some adjustment.

When I consider the personal and meaningful things that we are all awaiting from God, I think of the faith and persistence that goes into waiting. Many of us consider not having xyz in their life as a (relatively speaking) “bad wind” that we would like to change, sooner rather than later. Yet how many “good winds” do we have in our lives, that we ought to cherish before they too, shift to bring us another adventure?

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