Faith: Hoping & Longing Week 2- I Still Believe

Faith: Hoping & Longing

Words are powerful, not only do the words we speak get us into situations but they can also bring us out of situations.

proverbs 18:21 msg

“Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.”

Do you know what are two of the most two powerful phrases that have ever been uttered? (Hint… “I love you” is not one of them).

It is finished” spoken by Jesus in John 19:30, before dying on the cross.

I still believe” spoken by any Believer who chooses God’s Truth over their circumstances.

I see faith as an actively working combination of Jesus’ supernatural existence meshed with our natural existence. Jesus said, “It is finished” with hope with hope in his heart, that all of humanity would come to know him and receive salvation. We say, “I still believe“, with longings in our hearts, as we hang tightly to what God promised us, even in the face of contradictory information.

The power of words cannot be stressed enough. Our words have the both ability to: 1) call forth life or death and 2) give us life, rescuing us from death or kill life, plunging us further into death.

When you go through tribulations, it matters not what you or anyone else has said because the past is finished. What matters is what you will say, today and tomorrow, hopefully words reflective of a life-giving present and future…

P.S. Jeremy Camp, a Christian artist has a song, book and movie, all of which are respectively titled, “I Still Believe” and reference his walk with God after loosing his first wife to cancer. His music has been my go-to every since I was in high school; I recently read the book and saw the movie…both of which were wonderful (though tearjerkers)!

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