Faith First

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Faith first and then everything else will subsequently follow.

What is your initial response when your plans fall apart and another door closes in your face? Assuming that you’re human, your normal reaction is likely somewhere around the fear, despair and anger territory…if not all three!

However, with time we must practice mindfulness and slowly retrain our brains. As we mature, we can no longer let our minds wander aimlessly from one heartbreak of life to another. Just as a parent watches over and redirects their child, so too, should we take constant inventory of our thought lives.

How many times of day are you responding with faith first, instead of fear? What about that gloating coworker…love or hate? Peace or stress, when that pain returns? As others advance in their lives, is it contentment or envy that you feel?

2 Corinthians 5:7 is easier said than done and I’ll admit to often seeking everyone (and everything else) before I consider God’s Promises and Jesus’ Love. Carnally, it’s unfathomable to think The Holy Trinity, a group of intangibles are going to overtake the world, a group of tangibles! Yet, that is exactly what happened when Jesus ascended after his resurrection. You see, Satan is a sore loser and he uses primitive tricks as feeble attempts to upstage Jesus’ (and our) victory.

Faith and fear repel each other like oil & water, pluses & minuses. The climate of our spiritual hearts experiences a change, when we choose to go faith first…a change that is intolerable to fear!

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