Expecting You

A large portion of our lives are driven by expectations. It is first, our parents’ expectations of As and Bs in school that lead us to form our expectations of ourselves. Then as we become conscious members of society, we too adopt societal expectations for life. These expectations excite and challenge us, until we (or other people/things) fall short of them and then we left are to pick up the pieces.

I hold myself to a high personal standard and when I miss the mark, it takes the wind out of me. Having high standards for myself is not the problem but who I am depending on to meet those standards is. I cannot handle the pressure of my expectations, but God can. He is always able to fulfill and supersede our expectations of Him.

Maintaining hope while being realistic is a tricky balance to find. Some might suggest that relinquishing all aspirations keeps you grounded from disappointment, yet Proverbs 13:12 TLB cautions us that “hope deferred makes the heart sick”. When we place in our expectation in God we are given surety. However, we must also acknowledge that God’s timing and oversight still reigns supreme.

So, the balance is: placing hope in God (a increase of Him) and trusting His wisdom (a decrease of ourselves). And what is even more amazing is that God graces us to trust Him. He provides the promise and then reassures us along the way (as many times as we need it), all while He is working in the spiritual realm.

I lack the patience and multitasking ability to do that…thank God for God!

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