Me: “How many times have I prayed this prayer? How many times have You told me what to do?”

God: “Often, but I listen every time with attentiveness and speak, every time with patience because I see and already know the end. Eventually, you will get it.”

If someone searched the earth, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who is cool with repeating themselves and listening to other people say the same things over and over again. But, God does so willingly and His Ears are never closed. You would experience difficulty finding someone who is okay with their neighbor coming by their house every day and staying for hours. But, God does not mind and the doors in His House are always open to us.

We could never “wear out our welcome” with God, for He is a doting parent that refuses to give up on us. You may have to read the scripture a hundred times or recommit to something that God instructed you to do but eventually you will arrive at the intended destination as the person He intended for You to be.

Jesus did not go the cross immediately after his birth on earth but embarked on a journey of refinement, preparation and evangelism. And at 33, when the time to die for our sins came, Jesus’s journey of eventually became the event that changed our lives forever, for the better!

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