The largest waster of time and robber of peace in my life is this notion of “it’s never enough”. Never enough this. Never enough that. And before I know it, I am going down a black hole that has a depth that is more than enough!

Unlike the society we live in, God doesn’t impose increasing pressure on our lives. He is a God of finality and rest. On the seventh day of creation even God rested because His work was finished (Genesis 2:2). When Jesus’ time on earth was up, He was crucified, resurrected and then ascended to Heaven (Luke 23:33). If God, who has no beginning or ending Himself, acknowledges when a situation is sufficient, then who I am to not?

Discerning when the threshold of ‘enough’ has been reached is tricky but not impossible! As spirits made in His image, what God does and how God thinks is already within us, we just have to submit ourselves to it!

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