Enemy or Ally?


Happy almost Friday! I cannot believe the month of January is almost gone, time really needs to slow down!

Life is a competition, right? To have the biggest and the best…houses, salaries, accolades, and whatever else this world has to offer us materialistically. In this competition every man is for himself. My four and no more. There can only be one winner and a whole lot of losers, right? But what if everybody was a winner? What if everyone could have the biggest and the best? What if we realized that this life is beyond I and me, but instead about we?

Jesus died so that our one-way tickets to Hell, would be reversed to Heaven! As Believers we have already won the greatest gift of all: eternity in Paradise with The God of All Wonders. We do not have to view each other as enemies to our triumph, because with God, there are no losers.

Instead of looking at life like an individual race to be won, we can look at life like a relay race to be won…with each and everyone of us fulfilling a role in God’s Kingdom. The peer, coworker, neighbor etc. who seems to dull our shine, are actually compliments to it. I need you. You need me. And together we both need God. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 reminds us that we all need one another, as one may fall, but two together will stand.

Like the picture above, life and the lines of whether we are helping or hurting others can become blurry. But the question you (and I) must answer still stands: Will you be a Enemy or Ally to others?

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