Recently, I watched a mini documentary about mindfulness and did some low stake research into how the practice can be used a coping mechanism for employees with stressful careers. Mindfulness is simply, the idea of being aware of your emotions and choosing not to engage in them.

I suppose that’s where a lot of believers get off in their walk with God and quest to look more like him. We get hung up on condemning ourselves for experiencing stimuli, of which is completely out of our control. School/university shootings are unfortunately a current reality of this world we live and I can’t stop negative thoughts about them from entering my consciousness when I go to school. However, I can choose to not engage them any further and remember Psalm 91, God’s Promise to keep me and my family safe.

Things will “pop” into your mind, some that you want to hold onto tightly and others that you will want to disregard quickly. The good news is that God’s Word is an effective eradicator of wayward thoughts! It’s been tried, tested and proven:)

Weekend Wellness Tip

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