Today marks day 40 of quarantining for my family and I (minus getting groceries and checking on my grandmother). Time has moved so fast, yet so slow!

Make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life, and he will provide for you what you desire the most.

Psalm 37:4 TPT

I am on day 25 of a 52-day spiritual dedication that I am doing and although, my eyes have been open to see the lives of others and my own in a different light, one revelation about me has stood out the most. I often long for more than this life has to offer. I then, masquerade those desires into achieving goals, acquiring things and reaching milestones, but once the high wears off, I’m still left feeling like something is missing.

Last week, we talked about embracing the journey and not rushing the destination, which is an important part of life. However, it goes beyond that, into the realm of realizing that we are spiritual beings that will never be fully at rest or satisfied in this foreign home. Yet, that is actually the good news. For if we were comfortable on earth, we would not draw close to God or have a motivation to pursue His Work.

I used to always view Psalms 37:4 as a means to getting stuff, like “Oh, I seek God so that xyz will come into my life/happen for me.” Yet, now I see Psalms 37:4, in a new light, as a feedback loop. When I make God the desire of my heart and feed my spirit His Word, my desires then become aligned with God’s desires and He gladly fulfills them because they are ultimately of Him. Essentially, I begin to want what God wants, acting as an imitator of Him, like Ephesians 5:1 mentions.

Once a person places their “utmost” affections on God, unwavering like Jesus, all other good and perfect gifts from Heaven can be freely given. Now, there is no uncertainty about the source of that’s person fulfillment in life and the desires of the heart are Word-influenced, not world-influenced!

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