Day by Day

One day at a time…that is my goal for the month. Not what is happening two days, two weeks, two months, two years or two decades from now, but what is happening in the current moment.

I am a sophomore in college and already stressed about graduate school and then my career after graduate school ―that should not be. Where is the faith that The God who has gotten me this far, will keep carving out paths for me until Jesus returns? Where is the love that spared my eternal life and gives me breathe to live a physical life each and every day?

Faith and fear & Love and doubt, are two combinations that do not mix or coexist. You cannot have faith that your car is safe and then be fearfully of driving it, just as you cannot share a love with someone and then doubt those feelings are genuine. Either it is or it is not. If your car is unsafe, then get a car that is safe. If the person is an opportunist, then give them the opportunity to walk out of your life. However, if the opposite is true, the car is safe and the person is sincere, then settle that and don’t entertain any thoughts saying the contrary. God is not a lukewarm, in-between God (Revelation 3:16) and because we are created in His Likeness, we should be too.

God’s Word is simple and sure. We always know where we stand with Him and that day by day, He is perfecting us, working in ways that we cannot even fathom!

P.S. Picture above is one of my orchid babies, Hupsélos. Isn’t he handsome?!

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