Whew…2018 really came in with a bang! I’ve been so busy, running around like that coyote who could never catch the Road Runner. Ironically, the opportunity to slow down did present itself today, when my initial plans fell through and in that unplanned quiet time, God laid this on my spirit.

It’s being okay with pages left unread in a book.

It’s finding solace in the quiet moments.

It’s cherishing those who love you most, even when they have a “funny” way of showing it.

It’s relinquishing the need to control every aspect of your life.

Late for a class because of a previous class? Accidentally ordered the wrong thing online? Misread a recipe? Forgot to turn off the lights before leaving?

Yeah, you’re human.

It’s not getting complacently comfortable in life but being consistently grateful.

You don’t have to take the entire world all in one day, just a municipality a day.

Some will be large and easy, others will be small and hard.

Whatever the size or challenge, you’ll rise up to it!

It’s loving the bit of cellulite on your arms, when it calls attention to itself in the gym mirrors .

It’s sitting alone to the outside world, but in actuality sitting with your true friends, Jesus and your angels.

It’s saying, “Thank God, you’re the final editor on my life’s story and not me!”, when you make mistakes.

It’s picking yourself up when you fall and thinking, “I’m blessed to be able to move on my own.”


It’s having nothing but everything you’ve ever wanted in life

It’s having perfect peace during life’s roaring sea

It’s surety of your due season

It’s seeing yourself and announcing “I love me!”

God is enamored with you, irregardless of who you are, and where you are (and even where you have been), so much that He sent a invaluable jewel in your place!

Until Sunday,



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