My sister strong armed my mom and I into watching a teenage, gymnast drama. In the show, the main character is being bullied and harassed by a former teammate. At one point in the show during a competition, a bystander upon seeing the bully talking, remarks, “At least she is consistent!”

That comment resonated with me as I considered how consistency can be for good or evil, just like some habits are worth cultivating, while others are not. I also thought of myself and what traits/things people would consider to be consistent with me.

Finding consistencies within our lives is easy, once we began to look for it because one is searching for overlapping themes. We all have patterns that are generally fixed and that is where our consistencies are found.

“Jesus, the Anointed One, is always the same—yesterday, today, and forever.”

Hebrews 13:8 TPT

I would say that many (if not most!) Christians aspire to be like Jesus, loving others, healing the sick and wholeheartedly relying on God, just as he did. Yet, how many of us take active strives to consistently be like Jesus. Not just on Sundays while at church or at a Friday night football game, but in the grocery store when a person is out of money or on the freeway when someone cuts us off 🙂

God, let us not forget Your Mighty Power and how You generously bless those that reverence you. Let us be givers, not takers and rely on You to quiet our minds. In Jesus’ Name…Amen

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