cleansing week 8: spirit of the Fear of the Lord


When we fear the things of this world, we become paralyzed. Yet when we fear the Creator of the world, we become mobilized.

isaiah 33:6 tpt

He will be your constant source of stability in changing times, and out of his abundant love he gives you the riches of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. Yes, the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure!

Spirit of the Fear of the Lord

Not all fear is crippling. It all depends on what and/or you are fearful of.

Job 3:25 talks about how what Job feared the most came upon him. If someone has a fear of failure and then fails, the outcome of that situation will be dire. The flip side of that would be if someone had a fear of having too much business, then explodes with orders and of course that outcome would be much more favorable.

Fear is like the word, “consequence”. On the onset, both words, fear and consequence has negative connotations. However, both words can be positive too. People tend to favor using the word, “reward” over “positive consequence” but essentially they are synonymous. Likewise, so are “punishment” and “negative consequence”. The meanings are context-bound, holding different meanings depending on the situation.

Fear, as God designed it, to be directed to Him as reverence is a wonderful thing. It keeps us grounded, at peace and in reliance on Him. Similar to the dynamic between parent-child, employer-employee and professor-student. The power dynamic exists but is healthy and balanced. God’s Ways and Thoughts are higher and long-lasting, outliving us! And still He beckons us to join Him and condemns nor condescends.

With the changing state of the world, we are in ample supply of all the wrong things to fear. Yet, our focus must always shift to the unchanging state of heaven, where peace flows freely.

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