cleansing week 7: spirit of knowledge


Knowledge is power only when we know how to use it and what to do with it. God can and will help us with that!

proverbs 18:15 voice

Clever people go after knowledge to obtain it, and wise people attune their ears to hear it.

Spirit of Knowledge

Happy Thursday! If you’ve been following AD for a while, you may have remember a post, Gone, that I wrote two years ago around this time, when I lost my flash drive. Well, this post is the unplanned sequel!

So, I have a 6-page paper due for one of my classes around Thanksgiving but I was required to submit an outline on October 21. Being the planner that I am, I started working on my outline early, back in September. It’s Tuesday, October 20, the night before the due date and I’m uploading the file for submission. I alter the file name and somehow the file becomes corrupted, then disappears. Weeks and weeks of work flashes -literally- before my eyes. I cried a few tears but then quickly dried them because file or no file, my outline was still due in 24 hours.

My second outline took three hours but was much clearer, in comparison to my first outline, that took me more than three weeks. I had the same knowledge all along but my ears were a bit more open the second time around.

The wonderful thing about God is that He doesn’t need a second or third chance to get things right because His Ways are always perfect…the first time!

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