cleansing week 6: spirit of power


God is powerful and because we were created in His Image, so are we…powerful!

1 corinthians 4:18-20 voice

18 But the reality is, some of you have put yourselves on pedestals and live like you are high above the rest—it’s as if you assumed I would not return to confront your misguided pride. 19 But I am coming. Lord willing, I will be with you soon. Then I will know what power is backing those arrogant folks and their words. 20 The kingdom of God is not a realm of grandiose talk; it is a realm of power. 21 So tell me what you want. Should I visit you, rod in hand ready to discipline a crew of self-important people; or should I embrace you, love you, and gently teach you as we celebrate the blessings of God together?”

Spirit of Power

Power is well, powerful! Just in this year, 2020, we’ve witnessed the best and worst uses of power. Presidential Elections, Senate Races, District Attorneys Races etc. are all about answering one power-related question: Who will be in charge and making decisions for the upcoming term?

Just as power exists on large scales, so too does it exist in small scales, in our everyday lives.

  • Power to control our feelings or Power to let them run rampant
  • Power to consider others or Power to be consumed with self
  • Power to build up or Power to tear down

An interesting observation about 1 Corinthians 4:18-20 is the use of either or, meaning that of the two options, one is true. Whether we are consciously aware or not, we are constantly making decisions about the use of power. Although God is gracious and does not judge, we will still have to give an account for our lives and the choices that we make.

Thanks to Jesus, balancing power is easy. Living, Jesus modeled the righteous way to live and dying, he bequeathed us grace for when we fall short. It’s like having a teacher talk you through the test!

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