cleansing week 5: spirit of counsel


God speaks guidance into our lives by counsel and then works to ensure that we walk in His Instructions by gracious correction.

psalm 16:7 tpt

“The way you counsel and correct me makes me praise you more,
for your whispers in the night give me wisdom,
showing me what to do next.”

Spirit of Counsel

Counsel. We use that word a lot. Guidance counselors in school systems. Life counselors in private officers. Legal counsel in legal affairs. In every situation, there is a consultation of some sort and then advice is given.

We use correction too. Correctional facilities. Correction pens. Corrective lenses. In every scenario, something wrong or broken is being fixed.

The argument could be made that if one seeks counsel then they should have no need for correction. It’s a logical rationale but operates on the assumption that we are incapable of making mistakes and never experience challenges…all of which are unrealistic.

We need correction in conjunction with counsel because receiving instructions is only the first step. There are two other crucial steps, the application process and the completion process, for a grand total of three steps. We may desire to hear God’s Voice but be distracted by the demands of life. We may hear something from God but have trouble acting on it. We may have finally step out in faith but something might happen and discourage us from following through.

You see, correction is a gift to us from God. He gives His undivided attention to our lives, finding all the little ways that we can look and be more like Him!

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