cleansing week 4: spirit of understanding


True understanding is not possessing knowledge but entrusting knowledge into God.

job 11:16 voice

“You will forget all of these troubles of yours; they will pass beneath your memory like a drop of water that has just flowed away.”

Spirit of Understanding

Grant me the serenity to internally, be still like the waters and externally, flow with them.

The above words is the prayer that I wrote at the end of journal entry for today. The chaos, upheaval, uncertainty and challenges are all too much for me to fathom. Yet that is because I was not designed to comprehend what only God can truly understand.

Peace, I am learning, is a total body experience, inside and outside. Requiring a steady heart and focused eyes. God created our sensory system to process stimuli from our five physical senses and to even compensate if one of those five senses is lost. However, our spiritual senses are different. Our inside and outside must reinforce each other just like the waters do. Water flows freely, with a certain stillness. We trust completely, with a certain confidence.

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