Brain Vibes

“You need to send more happy vibes to your brain.”

The ladies in my life have really been spitting some wisdom…this one is from my mother!

So, it’s a simple question: what vibes are you sending to your brain?

Happy or sad? Appreciative or regretful? Peaceful or angry? Confident or insecure?

If you’re like me then the thoughts that you think towards yourself tend to result from the type of day you’re having! What a tragedy that is to us, as we are wonderfully and fearfully made human beings that deserve to be treated with love on a daily, not situational basis!

The chances of us miraculous changing our thought lives and self-images of ourselves overnight is slim but remember slow and steady wins the race. God didn’t even create the earth in one day, but in six! Maybe you can start by committing to send a positive vibe to your brain in the morning, midday and at night. Then from those three times a day, work your way up to nine, twelve and so forth. It doesn’t matter where you start, but that you start!

My positive vibe for tonight: Viv, I love that you never give up, even if you’re just walking.

Now it’s your turn! <3

Until Thursday,

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