bittersweet: love & hurt

If I didn’t need anyone
I would never feel the pain of hurt
Or abandonment
It would be a lovely existence
To never attach emotions to other beings

If I didn’t need anyone
I would never feel the reward of love
Or protection
It would be a lonely existence
To never share experience with other beings

I think of Jesus’ Love for us and can’t help but consider how bittersweet it was for Him. By dying, he knew that we would be able to spend eternity with him, yet he still was faced with the pain of dying on the cross.

I’ll be honest, life has been a bit…hectic and not everything has panned out the way I had planned but to be alive is beautiful thing, even if there are not-so beautiful things that come along sometimes.

  • Jesus never loving me, would have led me to a lifetime of damnation.
  • Me never living, would have been a missed opportunity to witness God on earth.

When something is bittersweet, you have two options: let the bitter supersede the sweet or let the sweet supersede the bitter. The choice is yours…

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