Beating Hearts

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God laid this poem on my heart and I am just sharing it with you. I also have to credit my little sister for lending her superb drawing and penmanship skills!
This is not for any race, black or white
This is not for any socioeconomic status, rich or poor
This is not for any of the subgroup labels
That seek to divide
Tearing us apart
This is for all of those with beating hearts
Did Adam know that his failure to communicate with Eve would lead to the deaths of two men, one as a direct consequence, his son, Abel and the other as the antidote, his Savior, Jesus?
Did Christopher Columbus know that his alleged “discovery” would displace, destroy and devastate innocent Native Americans?
Did slave owners know that the erections of the house/field negro complexes and slave mentalities would reincarnate years after slavery’s end?
Did Hitler know that the ramifications of his despicable actions would be felt in waves for years to come?
Did Madalyn Murray O’Hair know that her personal crusade against Christianity would forever turn the tides of education?
Does Donald Trump know that he will forever be ingrained in history, his legacy hinging upon who is writing the textbooks?
Do you know that the power to change lies within you? Your prayers, for both enemies and friends. Your love, for both those deserving and undeserving. Your stance, unwavering for no one and nothing.
You see people have impacted the world in ways they could never have fathomed. They weren’t special bionic prodigies. Just ordinary, everyday people who whether for better or worse, rung the bell of effect, of which you and I are still reeling from the resulting, rippling sound waves.
Don’t tell me about the latest march or request for rights.
Don’t tell me what bill Congress is trying to pass.
Don’t tell me who the most humanitarian athlete of the year is.
Don’t tell me that the world is hopelessly broken.
Don’t tell me how your life is worthless, having no purpose.
Tell me who are praying for, enemies…strangers…loved ones?
Tell me which of your goals are going involve people you’ve never laid eyes on.
Tell me what the future looks like with you in it.
Tell me how you are going to impact the world for good.
Tell me why God picked you, planted you on this earth and continues to give Your heart another beat.
Until Sunday,


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