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I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day! And if you didn’t get any chocolates or cards, remember that you are God’s Beloved Valentine all the time!

We all have that one vice that we run to after a long day. Whether it be food, music, books, T.V. etc., that vice makes us feel good, like everything is going to be okay…until the ice cream carton is empty, the song or book ends and the T.V show goes off. Then we are left right back where we started and it is normally around this time that our plan B comes into play…talking to God.

Basically it’s like a roller coaster of highs and lows. Sunday, I decided to get off that roller coaster of running to things, first and putting God, second. It is funny how you can make a decision one minute, and here comes Satan, trying to see if you will stick to that decision, the very next minute. I suppose it’s not called Devil’s Advocate for nothing! No sooner had I made that decision Sunday night, my true test came bright and early Monday morning.

The enemy has mastered the technique of snowballing, as it seems one thing goes bad and things just keep crumbling from there. Monday morning was like that for me, and instead of buying a cupcake and hoping the pressure would go away, I opened my mouth and asked God for his peace in my life. Within minutes of talking to Him and telling Him how much I needed Him, He gave me a supernatural comfort that didn’t run out or end on me.

Today, I just wanted to let you know that calling on God’s Name in the mist of craziness guarantees peace and comfort. The situation might not change instantly, but God gives us the strength to press on through it. We are all a work in progress, so dust off the stress and mistakes of yesterday, and embrace all that God has for you today!

Monday February 13th, was 4 months for Anomalous Darlings…thanks for walking with me on this journey!


Until Sunday,


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