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I earned the nickname, “Books” from a family friend as every time he visited or asked my parents about me, I was always in my textbooks! Years of intense academic classes have left me with a fairly intelligent mental capacity. If it involves, essay writing, problem solving comprehension or anything else that is taught in school, I am your go to girl. However, managing my life is entirely different story. Unlike math facts and geometry rules, life does not always follow a discernible pattern. As a planner, I crumble at the thought of trying to “figure this life out” with the skies as my limit.

Looks like the verdict is in: In the case of Viv vs. Life, we the jury find the defendant, Viv to be guilty of lacking the abilities to successfully manage her life. Although, I represented myself in this court case and fought with dignity to the last minute, I couldn’t deny the fact that constantly I come up short!

On a serious note, many of us are incapable of “holding everything together in life”. Whether we acknowledge that fact or not, God always takes up our slack. When our physical bodies are at 20%, He’s the other 80%. When our faith is at 48%, He’s the other 52%. Whether on our lowest or highest days, God is always making  up the difference. We need Him to be 100%, when we are at 0%, just like we need His 1%, when we are 99% (hypothetically speaking). Jesus sacrificed his life so that we could freely go to God and receive whatever we are lacking in our lives. Problems are solved, strongholds are broken and peace is received when we step away from ourselves and step into the domain of God.

The painting of our lives fluoresces under God’s artful hands. Don’t block out the undimming light of Christ that shines in, on and around you…

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  1. Laura Gethers says:

    Yes! I love this! We have a God that we can freely go to who wants to answer our requests. Awesome post.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for visiting and supporting Anomalous Darlings! May God continue to profusely bless you…

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